Tristan Henderson

Welcome to my website. I am a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the sunny University of St Andrews in Scotland. Once upon a time I was interested in economics, then various types of networks (wired, wireless, opportunistic, social), but these days I am mostly interested in the intersection of ethics, technology law and privacy. Basically I am interested in lots of things!

Before coming to St Andrews, I was at Dartmouth, along with the actual scientist in our household. Before that, I was a student at UCL and Cambridge. Before that, I grew up in Singapore (and you will find that I use this for many teaching examples if you ever take one of my modules!). And at some point along the way I disappeared from St Andrews for a year to study a wee bit further south.

Answers to common queries:

  • If you are interested in doing a PhD with me, see here.
  • If you need a reference, see here.
  • If you see “computer science” and think that I can help to fix your computer, please look elsewhere! My special powers mean that I can break it without even touching it.
  • If you are wondering why I haven’t replied to your e-mail about your doctor’s appointment or purchase order for medical equipment, it is because you are looking for rather than (T is very close to Y on a QWERTY keyboard).


May 13, 2022 Congratulations to Janis Wong on passing her PhD viva (subject to the usual minor corrections).
Apr 21, 2022 Pleased to serve on the Programme Committee for UKICER once again - please submit your CS education papers!
Apr 19, 2022 Somewhat surprised, but very honoured to have received one of the Student Association teaching awards! :blush:
Apr 18, 2022 Playing with a new website design, based on al-folio.