Human-Data Interaction workshop

I spent yesterday at the Open Data Institute in London at a very interesting workshop about “Human-Data Interaction”. If (like most of us) you don’t know what this means then you might want to read our position paper.

The room was full of a wide variety of people, ranging from experts in networking and systems, to HCI, to security, to law, geoinformatics, economics and probably a few other fields that I have missed. A great mix.

We had lots and lots of discussions about the challenges that lie at the intersection between big/open/rich data and human users/producers/consumers/prosumers of data, involving ethics, privacy, transparency, visualisation, analysis, culture, vocabulary, and lots more that I was unable to keep track of. Some of the people there were liveblogging and you can see their notes for further details.

There will be a workshop report published in due course and I look forward to reading it. I also hope to initiate or participate in some projects in this area in the near future.

Tags: workshop, hdi

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