Facebook's botched privacy settings

By now everyone must be sick of hearing about Facebook’s widely-criticised new privacy settings. So rather than add my 2p, I will point to some interesting posts from the blogosphere: big-brother

  • The EFF explain the changes
  • Joseph Bonneau reminds us that it is our social networks that are the most important data to keep private
  • Ian Brown points out that it’s not all bad, as users now have more control over those annoying Facebook applications
  • The Joy of Tech explains Facebook’s Newspeak
  • Danny Sullivan compares Facebook to Microsoft (strange, because Google and Apple would be the far more obvious choices for “evil” corporation these days) and demonstrates the mess that the current Facebook privacy settings have become

Hopefully our PVNets project will help design privacy settings that actually reflect what users, rather than online social network operators, desire.

UPDATE: Facebook have backtracked and now provide some functionality for hiding your list of friends.

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