I am far from a prolific blogger (I tend to keep my rants short and sweet on twitter instead). But I am slowly pulling together bits and bobs from elsewhere and dumping them here.

Summer School on Experimental Methodology in Computational Science Research

We are running a summer school on reproducibility and methodology in CS research.

IJHCS Special Issue

Our special issue of the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies on Privacy Methodologies in HCI is out!

Iain is hot

Human-Data Interaction workshop

New website

I have freshened up my website, as an excuse to play with some modern web development tools. It is now generated as a set of static pages using a variety of nanoc and haml, with stylesheets using cascade and scss, and the lato typeface.

PhD scholarships

IJHCS Special Issue

SICSA Cybersecurity Group

We have just started a new SICSA Cybersecurity group for those interested in (cyber)security/privacy/trust/etc…; sign up to the mailing list to keep informed.


I have been promoted! I am a Senior Lecturer as of 1 August 2011.

Well done Greg

My student Greg won the Brendan Murphy Memorial Prize at MSN ‘11.

AOC 2011

SACHI website

PUMP 2010

N900 vs EeePC

Another comparison with my new N900 phone, this time with the netbook that I bought only two years before the phone. Quite closely matched!

Happy Data Privacy Day!

Nokia N900

ACM Multimedia 2010

Christmas lunch

WiNMee 2010

The UK's best handheld

I think I am a bit late to the party when it comes to this ad, but in my defence I don’t watch that many telly adverts.

Facebook's botched privacy settings

By now everyone must be sick of hearing about Facebook’s widely-criticised new privacy settings. So rather than add my 2p, I will point to some interesting posts from the blogosphere:

Trust 2010

The web page for the 3rd International Conference on Trust and Trustworthy Computing, Trust 2010, of which I am a TPC member, is now available.

Thales Scottish Technology Prize

HotPlanet 2010

New PC

Testing testing 1-2-3